Trip to Australia

Kim Märker Start Date: Aug 27, 2017 - End Date: Dec 31, 2017
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My Travel Story

by: Kim Märker Start Date: Aug 27, 2017 - End Date: Dec 31, 2017
We want to travel the world.............but let's start with Australia.
We had a very poor summer here in northern germany, thats why we want to claim it back from Australia.
We want to give our vitamin-D stores the chance to fill themselves up for six months by soaking up the aussie sun.

As the two young people we are, just finished school, we want to see the big wide world. So why don't  start with australia with its incredible untouched expanses of nature?

Unfortunately we don't have the amount of mony we need to set out carefree to the other side of the world.
At the moment we both are working hard and save every euro we can but flights and a campervan to sleep in and travel with are expensive.
Thats why we ask for your help to make our dream come true.

EVERY amount of money will help, even if it's small.

everyone who is willing to support us will get something back.

from 10€
cut the lawn 1x

from 20€
a letter in a bottle
we will write a letter from australia, adress it to you, put it in a bottle and throw it in the ocean. Maybe you will receive it ;)

from 30€
a handwritten postcard

from 40€
a little souvenir

from 50€
we will plant a tree, who carries your name, at the other end ogf the world

from 75€
a suprise package from australia

from 100€
a polaroid from every special place we will visit n our trip

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