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Nereyda Perez Start Date: Feb 12, 2018 - End Date: Jun 11, 2018
  • Madrid, Spain

My Travel Story

by: Nereyda Perez Start Date: Feb 12, 2018 - End Date: Jun 11, 2018
I believe that having the opportunity to travel to Madrid, would help me achieve my career goals because it’s going to help me expand my mind: even more than it has over the years. My imagination and artistic skills will have the opportunity to expand. I know that and every single day that I am there in Madrid, I’m going to challenge myself to hold higher standards. When I arrive there, I know I’m going to enter into a new life, culture, and I’m going to evolve as a human being. I will have the opportunity to not only find myself, but to also take full advantage of this “once in a lifetime Opportunity. I am driven by, improving myself each day and having the opportunity to explore a different country with my eyes. A different country is going to improve my education and make myself and my “Mama” happy. She told me, “there’s another world out there” and If I happen to have the opportunity to go, I’ll be in a different country called Madrid and I will experience an internship in a country that I will help expand my motivation towards my education.
  • Madrid, Spain