My down under Dream

Jo Andrew-Mowat Start Date: Nov 5, 2016 - End Date: Aug 4, 2017
  • Western Australia, Australia

My Travel Story

by: Jo Andrew-Mowat Start Date: Nov 5, 2016 - End Date: Aug 4, 2017
..Was on that magical day almost  8 years ago that I knew my life would change forever. I felt it! The Ocean, the Waves the sunshine and then the undoutable sign: the swim with the whakeshark. 
A beautiful sunny day in Mozambique, I met Andy just days before my 28th birthday and on that day the 25th of November 2008 we had the most amazing ecounter  of our lives, it was just magical, it was a sign that something big was about to happen in our lives.
And indeed 8 years later we are still riding together with 3 amazing children, Tamzin 6, Kaiya 4 and Coby 2 years old.
We like to say we come from the same place even though he is Irish and I'm Portuguese, but we do!! We belong to the Ocean, the celtic blood runs in our veins, his from Scotland mine from Cornwall.
Since 2008 that we have the dream of going to the Ningaloo reef on the coast of Western Australia and swim with the whale sharks that often visit from March till September each year.
We would love to take our kids Down Under and teach them all about Nature, Ocean, Surf, wildlife, let them experience a different culture and more important than all, teach them about the marine conservation and it's importance to our planet that we are so passionate about.
There is no doubt about it, we were brought together in that place in that moment in time for a reason.
Living in one of the most expensive cities in the world means it's a struggle and we haven't  been able to find the money to fund our trip.
If anyone feels like helping us fulfil our dream and contribute towards the plane tickets we would be eternally grateful, cash, air miles donations - all good.
London to Perth for 5 ppl costs around £2700 that's our goal
Thanks a million for reading and all the best.
I'll Start a blog and do a travel journey and hopefully  be able to do some charity work and marine conservation activities while in Australia.
  • Western Australia, Australia