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Cassandra Byers Start Date: Aug 4, 2014 - End Date: Nov 11, 2014
  • Kathmandu, Nepal

My Travel Story

by: Cassandra Byers Start Date: Aug 4, 2014 - End Date: Nov 11, 2014

Hey everyone!

From September this year I'll be volunteering at the Save Lives Foundation orphanage in Kathmandu, Nepal. Teaching English, entertaining and running activities and helping with homework, food and cleanliness are the kinds of tasks that I'll be doing.

If you'd like to help me help kids in one of the poorest countries in the world, money will go towards:

*Donations to the orphanage
*Vitamins/Calcium tablets
*Antibiotics, antiseptics
*Medical family guides
*Any books and/or research on health care relevant to Nepal
*First aid materials
*Bubble solution
*Children's clothing and books
*Group games such as uno, snakes and ladders, twister etc.
*Other needs of the orphanage

Any donation is really appreciated!! If you donate $ 15 or more, send me your address and I'll send you the coolest postcard I can find. ;)

Cass :)

  • Kathmandu, Nepal


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    I've decided not to update here because I can't post pictures.

    So if you want to read more visit:


    Some of the money is ongoing to a disabled home and the school where I was teaching in Kathmandu, and you can read more about it and see photos from the projects as I receive them :)

  • 7 October

    Hey everyone.

    Again, sorry for the lack of updates, been so busy!

    Last week the Sirius Secondary School had their 'Program Day' (the last day of school before the Dashain holiday). This was a day where the children were all singing and dancing, celebrating finishing their exams. I'll upload the photos to the album I linked in the first update (by the way, to view them you will have to copy the link and paste it in your browser).

    To celebrate I went shopping with the kids at Save Lives Orphanage to buy them all some new clothes. Many of the girls wanted to bake, so I contributed to an oven, and bought a rice cooker and a hand mixer.

    Because the holidays have started at Sirius and I am just working at the Save Lives Orphanage, I have had time to visit other places and support other programs supported by Kids in Kathmandu. Last week I also visited Shree Janasudhar Lower Secondary School and donated some work books, books for their library, pencils, pens, crayons, toys, and other educational equipment.


    I have also had time to visit the Paropokar Boys and Girls' orphanages, which are both near Kathmandu Durbar Square. The first day I visited there was a program running called 'Curry without Worry', and some other volunteers and myself helped to prepare food for the children at the orphanage and also for kids on the streets.


    I'd like to thank everyone who has donated once again. Save Lives Foundation Orphanage (where I am predominantly working) is to my surprise already really well supported by Kids in Kathmandu and other sponsors. For this reason, I have decided to use the donations for not only this orphanage, but also through the donations I made at Shree Janasudar school, and donations and purchases I plan to make for Paropokar Boys orphanage (perhaps donations, food, bedding, books and pencils), Sirius Higher Secondary School (library books, donations), and donations to the charity Kids in Kathmandu. I have been talking with the chair of this charity and have been learning about their very worthwhile projects in all of the schools and orphanages I have mentioned, as well as sponsoring deserving children for their education and a disabled childrens' home.

    The last few days I have been in Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Buddha, having a break from noisy and smelly Kathmandu. Me and a friend stayed at the Korean Monastery there, where we received our accommodation and 3 meals a day for 500 rupees (which is about 5 dollars-ish).

    My time volunteering is coming to an end. This Saturday I leave for a trek for the Annapurna Circuit, which returns on the 28th, and on the 3rd of November I trek to Everest Base Camp which should finish on the 14th of November. I hope that during the times after my treks I will be able to quickly visit Save Lives.

    It is fairly likely I won't be able to post any updates until I return to Australia on the 17th of November as I am going trekking and will have little or no internet while I'm there. When I get back, I'll try to summarise my entire time here with more details.

    I will add new photos to the facebook album (link in the first update) as soon as I can! Wifi here in Kathmandu goes on and off every few hours and is always slow.