Help Scarlett Follow the Fairy Tale Path!!

Scarlett Messenger Start Date: Nov 18, 2015 - End Date: Mar 16, 2016
  • Berlin, Germany
  • Copenhagen, Denmark

My Travel Story

by: Scarlett Messenger Start Date: Nov 18, 2015 - End Date: Mar 16, 2016
Help me spend Spring Quarter 2016 studying abroad in Berlin!

I have the chance to spend a quarter living in Berlin and study the Grimm Brothers, German Romanticism, and Landscape Mythology firsthand. This is an amazing opportunity, and you can help make my dreams come true!

I will be earning 15 credits of independent study: 10 credits towards my Mythology degree and 5 credits to complete my German minor. These courses are designed to take advantage of the locations and resources that would be available to me while in Germany. These courses are also crucial in building the foundations for my PhD in Indo-European Mythology.

My academic itinerary would include:

The Fairy Tale Path – A 12 day tour of the "Fairy Tale Road" through locations and scenery mentioned in Grimm Brothers fairy tales, including castles, forests, and museums. I would also be spending a few days in Copenhagen to explore the world of Hans Christian Anderson. My final project would be a photo journal and travelogue website discussing these locations and their historical and literary significance to the collected works of the Grimm Brothers and Anderson.

Spirit of Place: A Survey of Sacred Spaces – A study of Germany's Neolithic monuments, legendary locations, and pre-Christian sacred spaces, including Goseck Sun Observatory, the Externsteine rocks, and various megaliths, caves, and forests. There is also the potential to spend a few days in Reykjavík. The final project would be a photo journal and travelogue website and several papers discussing the histories, designs, and functions of these natural spaces.

German Romanticism's Influence on Modern Perceptions of Myth and Folklore – The German Romantics created the modern view of Germanic myth, folklore, and fairy tales. This course would require reading and writing in German about my findings, as well as utilizing my German skills to perform my research.

A few examples of my previous work can be found here:

Beauty and the Bodhisattva – The Feminine Monomyth

The Bard's Garden – Storytelling

When We Were Trees: The Transpersonal Experience in Indo-European Mythology, Folklore, and Music

Here is where I need help. As an older, disabled student, my expenses are a higher than your average 19 year old studying abroad. While financial aid will cover my tuition, and I do have some income, I must try to find a way of bridging the gap for this once in a lifetime opportunity!


I am willing to be your dancing monkey! Here is what your contribution gets you:

Sleeping Beauty: For $10 you get a contributor credit on the website and my eternal gratitude

Cinderella: For $25 you get the contributor credit and I will send you a personalized postcard from one of the medieval villages on the Fairy Tale Route

Rapunzel: For $50 you get the contributor credit, the postcard, and I will make a YouTube video of me reading a poem by one of the German Romantics in German. Hilarity is bound to ensue

Mother Holle: For $100 You get the contributor credit, the postcard, and I will make a YouTube video of me singing a song in either German or English. I will take requests

Rumpelstiltskin: For $250 you get the contributor credit, the postcard, and I will write a fairy tale for you starring you and in any setting or scenario of your choosing

Little Red Riding Hood: For $500 you get the contributor credit, the postcard, and my friends and I will make a YouTube video of a fairy tale reenactment for you

The Golden Key: For $1000 you get EVERYTHING! The contributor credit, the postcard, the poem, the song, your own fairy tale, and the fairy tale reenactment!

Fairy Godmother: For $2000, I will do just about anything on camera I am physically capable of doing that is legal and does not pose a biological hazard
  • Berlin, Germany
  • Copenhagen, Denmark


  • More Donations

    WOW! People are starting to feel the holiday spirit! Thank you to Everett and Tara! Everett joins Lydia in the postcard club, and Tara stepped up the game and is getting a postcard AND a song! Thank you guys so much for your generosity, I am truly moved and overjoyed!

  • On The Subject Of Disability

    Someone asked me why a middle-class rural, housewife couldn't afford her own trip to Germany and if not why don't I just get scholarships? The answer is simple: I am an American and I have medical bills.

    Multiple Sclerosis is a very expensive illness. For those of you who don't know, MS is a disease that slowly destroys the nerves in your brain, and in my case the spine as well. It can eventually cause paralysis, blindness, and even death. It also cause a large amount of physical pain. There are currently no drug therapies to treat MS that are less than $45k a year. My current primary therapy is an 8 hour infusion twice a year and it costs $11,000 each time. Our insurance only covers 80% of that. My monthly medical costs are well over $600. Every month. Out of pocket. And that's just an average month, that doesn't include things like the $300 I just spent getting my tooth fixed, or the bi-annual $1200 MRI I have to have next week, or the $120 every 2 months for bloodwork, or the $40 I just had to shell out for a part for my CPAP. I don't even know how much the steroid injections I had to have last month cost. Oh, and don't get me started on the cost of any and all alternative care I get to manage my pain (I refuse to take opiates, they cloud your mind and are a gateway to decline in my book.)

    Scholarships don't look at this. They don't care where you spend your money, they only care how much comes in. If anyone is aware of any study abroad scholarships that aren't specifically for students below the poverty level on paper, I am all ears. Otherwise, it is up to me to beg, borrow, and steal the money for this any way I can. I don't know how much longer I will be mobile enough to do something like this, so I need to seize my moment now before it's too late.

    So let's do this thing! You can be a part of helping rehabilitate a disabled member of society! Who knows, I might end up writing a textbook or 2, even end up a talking head on one of those History Channel specials about how ancient aliens wrote all the fairy tales... or something. And you can tell everyone you helped make that happen!

    Thank you again for your time and your patience. Only 109 days left of hearing about it, I promise!