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Laurie Godfrey Start Date: Oct 2, 2017 - End Date: Oct 1, 2018
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by: Laurie Godfrey Start Date: Oct 2, 2017 - End Date: Oct 1, 2018
About me - I am a 26-year-old non - traditional college student. Currently I am a sophomore biology student. I love animals and hope to work in conservation someday. Currently I am a volunteer with a wildlife rehabilitator and it has been a wonderful experience. It did get me thinking though, what else can I do?

It turns out that short term projects within the US are limited, and if you want to really help endangered species you must go abroad. I did some research and found a few different organizations that do offer the opportunity to study abroad. I should mention this is far more than just a project to help though, I would love to work in conservation and this would be a great chance to get hands on experience. It will also make me stand out as a candidate for careers when I graduate.

This all sounds great, so what’s the problem? Well, volunteering abroad is expensive. I am a college student, so even though I have the time, and the will, I just don't have the money to be able to go help.

Projects - Currently the primary programs I am interested in are volunteering with orphaned rhinos or elephants, or sea turtle conservation. Many of the subspecies are endangered and anyone helping to feed orphans or monitor turtle nests etc. can really make an impact

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I know there are so many causes that could use your help.
  • Kenya
  • Australia
  • Costa Rica



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