Internship in Greece Working with Refugees

Katrina S Start Date: Nov 21, 2017 - End Date: Apr 1, 2018
  • Athens, Central Athens, Greece

My Travel Story

by: Katrina S Start Date: Nov 21, 2017 - End Date: Apr 1, 2018
I would like to share with you about an experience that I will be lucky enough to be a part of, internshipping through university working with Asylum Seekers in Greece.

For me this trip is the ultimate oppurtunity. It is a goal of mine to study abroad. Beyond this it has always been my intention to have a job that provides benefit to the world. Having an interest in politics and global happenings I chose to study political science. My interest being in fields of journalism or non profits more than some of the typical fields political science can lead to. As these do not have a clear cut path or income I look forward to this oppurtunity to see what this work can look like, and lead to.

Refugees specifically is something meaningful to me. Political and economical impacts aside, I find it a serious issue that in such a modern day human rights are still so threatened, and humans are left to suffer. I do believe what happens internationally does matter to us, if these things can happen to another human what is preventing it from happening to ourselves? A luck of the draw, being born into a privelaged country, just chance. Even this does not provide us immunity countries as seen by history go through many alterations.   

I have been attending school, I am in my third year hoping to obtain my bachelors this fall! I currently work around school hours as a marketing assistant at a real estate firm. I have applied for scholarships in hopes to help fund my study abroad as well. 

I am hoping you would be interested in helping sponsor me so I may have the chance at this opportunity. Any donation would be greatly appreciated and will help make this trip a reality.

I thank you for any donation no matter how small. I would love to further discuss or answer any questions you may have. Feel free to follow my journey on social media as well! I would be happy to send postcards and photos. 

Thank you again!
  • Athens, Central Athens, Greece