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Kamila Mukushova Start Date: Aug 8, 2016 - End Date: Oct 15, 2016
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My Travel Story

by: Kamila Mukushova Start Date: Aug 8, 2016 - End Date: Oct 15, 2016
Hi everybody!
My name is Kamila and I live in a beautiful country Kazakhstan!

In 2014, I was chosen as an ERASMUS MUNDUS program participant so I spent one year studing at the university in Spain. It was such an enriching experience in my life: observing different cultures and learning Spanish along the way altered my personality a lot!

When I came back, I still had one year to study and I decided to teach English as a part-time job (I am quite ashamed about it because my own language skills have to improved a lot!). I continue to teach today because I've realized how I love being a techer and I plan to get a degree in education :)

Many people are curious about Spain in my country but I see how few people (from my own experience) are interested in Latin American culture. I want to change it and one of my dreams is to open the center where people will study Spanish and also watch "Diarios de motocicleta", sing "La camisa negra", cook enchiladas and dance salsa :) I believe this way people will lean a lot about the whole different world!

To achieve this dream, I need to work hard on my Spanish and it would be perfect to live in Latin America for a while. I've been looking for many different options and I found a Na'atik Language and Cultural Institute which is located in a small town of Felipe Carrillo Puerto, Mexico. I enjoyed reading how this center was founded (Caroline fell in love with a local man when she was volunteering in the town and it's been 20 years since they've been together and 6 years since the Na'atik was opened!). They have an inspiring story and I will provide the link to it below :)

What I loved about this center is that money given for Spanish lessons help to keep English classes affordable for local community. Also, the location of the center makes it a perfect place to learn more about Mayan culture. When I was a child, I watched a cartoon about one family travelling around the world and the series that astonished me most were where they traveled to Peru and Mexico discovering Mayan cultures! Besides, they offer home stay option which gives an opportunity to discover many hidden cultural aspects that otherwise could be overlooked. 

According to the website information, the prices are following:
-$599 per person per one week. Each other week equals $549. The price includes 18 hours of instruction, homestay, three meals a day, and other servicies like a walking tour, bike rental etc.

I'd love to study there for two months becaue the intensity of the lessons allows completeing one level quite fast. I've summed up everything for 8 weeks and the final price came up as $4991.

Unfortunately, the economic situation in my country has worsened over the last two years and it's harder now to earn money. Currently I work in two language centers and my salary is very low (around $3-3.5 per hour of instruction) to afford any travelling. However, I've managed to save up 1050 euro from the scholarship that I was getting in Spain and it's enough for a round ticket to Carrillo and back. However, I can't afford the rest :( 

I've already got in touch with the Na'atik asking for some discount in exchange for work that I can do at the center. They kindly agreed to take me as an intern to assist at the office with different tasks but first we are going to have a Skype interview on 22 August. On that day only they will be able to tell how much discount they can make for me but warned it wouldn't be much.

I want to thank everybody for taking your time to read about my trip and I'll be very grateful for ANY help that you can provide! Thank you so much! :)

I would also appreciate if you don't share this link on your accounts as I'd like to keep it private only here :) 

Muchas gracias! Un abrazo fuerte a todos!

Kindest regards,
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