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Naomi Bodley Start Date: Sep 10, 2017 - End Date: Jan 9, 2018
  • Conway, AR, United States of America

My Travel Story

by: Naomi Bodley Start Date: Sep 10, 2017 - End Date: Jan 9, 2018
Where do i start....i was in a mentally abusive relationship for 13yrs and had 2 children i split with him in February and became friends with an american guy and we were just friend but we started getting feelings for each other and in march he asked me to be his girlfriend. Ive fallen in love with him and hes helped me find my self again...i was over weight with my ex im now the right weight for my bmi 9st 3. My nan took ill with cancer and i couldnt visit her in hospital as i had the flu really bad and she passed away...about 2 weeks before she passed social services got involved as the school made false accusations that my kids were going to school in dirty clothes and with dirty bodies what was proven to be lies...they are still involed and trying to say the home conditions are a concern...i live with my parents and the house is very tidy and my children are well looked after but as they have a problem and so they leave us alone my kids will be going to live with their dad this was decided between me and him as it seems the social worker is a bully and just wants more kids in the system...well not mine! I really need something positive to happen in my life and would love to get away from all the stress and actually have time to grieve for my nan away from these social workers who are causing me stress and anxiety so i cant switch off and just think, breathe and come to terms with everything. He unfortunately cant come to me as he is a carer for his mother. I had a friend who wanted to donate me the money to go but he lied to me and lied about having cancer too. Im so in love with this man im hurting inside to do the things that close relationship couples take for granted like the kisses and cuddles and watching movies etc. This would mean the absolute world to me. Ive tried so many ways to try and get the funds but being a single parent saving is not an option. Please bring some happiness to my life ive had more than my fair share of bad luck.
  • Conway, AR, United States of America