Tuition Fees Are Stoping Me From My Dreams

Cat Bovill Start Date: Sep 17, 2017 - End Date: Jun 19, 2018
  • Paris, France

My Travel Story

by: Cat Bovill Start Date: Sep 17, 2017 - End Date: Jun 19, 2018
Im an honors student with all 100's in my classes. I don't do drugs or smoke or even drink alcohol. I live in a small town and I play my school violin well more like scratch my way through, but who doesn't. I play volleyball and do horseback riding. Next year I will; well with your help I hope to live in a dorm for my school. And lord I will do anything to go to my dream school. Unfortunately I don't have the funds to go and make my dreams come true. My dad had a heart attack recently and my mom fell down a flight of stairs while at work and we are paying for there medical costs. My aunt is raising me while my parents are in the hospital and its hard to even by gas. I want to be a lawyer when I'm old with children and if you help me succeed even a minimum part of my goal I will be a step further to achieving success; and will forever be grateful. I chose Paris because I already speech french. This will hopefully open the flood gates to an amazing experience and education.
  • Paris, France