Caleb's Solo European Trip

Kelli Weatherholt Start Date: Aug 8, 2017 - End Date: Sep 23, 2017
  • Frankfurt, Germany

My Travel Story

by: Kelli Weatherholt Start Date: Aug 8, 2017 - End Date: Sep 23, 2017

• Caleb's turning 30 years old at the end of September.

• Several years ago, he set a goal to visit Europe before then.

• There is no way that is happening.

• His responsible mindset—to put a precedence on paying off his student loans as soon as possible—thwarted his ability to put effort into doing this for himself.

• As much as I wish I could, I have discovered that I can not make this happen on my own.

• Collectively, we can make his dream ALMOST come true (Before he turns 30; at the age of 30 — pretty much the same thing).


When I recently asked him "What would you like to do for your Dirty Thirty?" he practiced being an old man and responded, "Have some peace and quiet for a week."

Thus, I asked myself, "What is the best possible way I can make that happen?"


Sooooooo here's my half-assed plan:

→ Collect birthday gift funds—from as many of people who want to support this—as possible.

→ Cover the remaining costs to reach the goal required on here and/or add a luxury or two tacked on to his trip.

→Purchase a round-trip flight and hotel expenses for one of the several cities he has mentioned wanting to visit.

→ Hand him his tickets and a loose itinerary on his birthday.

→ Thank everyone involved as selflessly as possible.


I get it, it's shameless, unconventional, and probably reckless of me to have initiated a crowd funding bit for this. I have no qualms with how this may make me appear, but I do ask that you do not associate that with him. If you know him well enough, I find it easy to assume you probably also have a lot of respect for him. To avoid my actions influencing your perception of him, please make the following note:


This crowd funding is in no way authorized, maintained, sponsored or endorsed by Caleb Dane Roberts. Similar to his 27th birthday surprise party—this possible mishap is entirely my responsibility, and I truly appreciate every ounce of support.
  • Frankfurt, Germany