Primate Research in a Costa Rican Rainforest Reserve!

Zoë Hammis Start Date: Sep 2, 2016 - End Date: Nov 30, 2016
  • Costa Rica

My Travel Story

by: Zoë Hammis Start Date: Sep 2, 2016 - End Date: Nov 30, 2016
I am an senior undergraduate student who is very passionate about conservation, ecology, and priamtes! In the La Suetra Biological Reserve/Field Station in Costa Rica, I have been offered an incredible opportunity to conduct a research project with primates in the reserve. I would likely be looking into how these priamtes cope with habitat fragmentation, and figuring out which groups of monkeys we should be focusing our conservation efforts on. This type of study could get me published, and help me to get into a PhD program, where I would be able to continue working in the rainforest and doing research to save threatened and endangered animals. The group that runs the field station, in addition to conserving the rainforest, also helps the surround local community members in a variety of ways, from providing jobs to education. I am passionate and determined to work with this incredible group, become a successful researcher, and dedicate my life to saving the biodiversity of the rainforest!
Please help me to do this research! 
  • Costa Rica