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Susana Cadavid Hoyos Start Date: Jun 23, 2018 - End Date: Oct 20, 2018
  • Turín, Itália

My Travel Story

by: Susana Cadavid Hoyos Start Date: Jun 23, 2018 - End Date: Oct 20, 2018
Hi there!
I´m going to tell you my story, my name is Susana Cadavid Hoyos and I´m 22 years old, I´m an student of architecture in Cali, Colombia.
I won an scholarship to do a master in sustainable design in Turin, Italy and actually the economic situation is very complicated so I don´t have enough money to live there, to pay the rent, my food, transportation, etc. So I´m asking you to please help me with any amount of donation and I will be entired grateful with you.
I think this is an oportunity that I have to take because I will not grown only in my professional part but also in the personal, and I´m sure this is going to help me to make a difference in my country when I get back, because we need it, we need to be able to design and built without killing our nature, we need to learn how to treat it and how to take advantage of the amount of things that can be done without hurting it. This is the world where we live, and that´s why for me it´s so important to achive my goal to study up there and to learn so much that I can make a difference in the thoughts of Colombians or why not in the future in anothers country. In my personal opinion I know people think that the architects are the ones who hurt the planet the most because all the stuffs that we do, so I want to change that perspective showing people that It can be done differently.
I´m so passionate about this master because as I said this can change a lot of things and I can learn how to do what I love the most in my life (design to makes other dreams come true) without causing any damage or at least not so much like now a days architects do.
I choose Turín, Italy because for me it´s one of the most wonderfull places to learn about architecture, and my university had the agreement with the scholarship included so I thought It was a great opportunity!

Once again, I will be so thankfull with your help and I invite you to keep in touch my profile so you can see how with your help I would be able to achive my goal!
  • Turín, Itália