Olivia's Trip to Kampala Uganda

Olivia Villa Start Date: Jul 7, 2016 - End Date: Jul 6, 2017
  • Kampala, Central Region, Uganda

My Travel Story

by: Olivia Villa Start Date: Jul 7, 2016 - End Date: Jul 6, 2017
Hello, my name is Olivia Villa. I am 15 as of now and turning 16 on August 14th 2016. I am asking for a donation for my plane ticket to Kampala,Uganda. I am going there so that I can visit my mother Dolores Martinez. We have gone there before in 2009 and stayed there for 2010. 2011 we came back then went again in 2012-2014. 2014 I came back to the states to stay with my father for awhile.  When I go back this time I wont be going for school but for volunteering, and vacation purposes. I will be volunteering for two NGO's. One NGO is with my moms friend who runs a community center for teens and kids. The other is a fishing NGO and they hope to create an ecotourism environment around their community. My presence there will help the communities in many different ways. Some may include, helping younger children in their studies and help make a positive environment above all, creating healthier places to swim or to enjoy, and helping the wildlife have a better habitat to live in. In my own experiences that I will have there, this will help me gain job experience for my future paying jobs, this will broaden my knowledge on their culture and languages they speak. This journey will also help me escape my day to day 'bubble' life. I will get to enjoy things that not very many kids my age get to participate in. So once again I ask for a donation in making this journey happen, for the children and wildlife there and I. Thank you.
  • Kampala, Central Region, Uganda