Help a desperate student achieving a life time experience!

Anne - Start Date: Jan 7, 2018 - End Date: Jul 6, 2018

My Travel Story

by: Anne - Start Date: Jan 7, 2018 - End Date: Jul 6, 2018
Hey everyone! My name is Anne and I am a third year medical student. Before starting my clinical years, I have decided to take some time off. I realized that life is too short and that I need to start living a bit more. I have always dreamed to do a life changing experience in which I get to travel, meet new people and explore new cultures!I would like to travel for 4 months in latino America of which 2 months I will  engage in a volunteering experience. I have always been fascinated with the Latino culture and I have heard wonderful stories.  I decided to travel now and take a break since I will most likely not have enough time in the future. I feel that it is either now or never. However, I don’t have funds to finance my trip since I still have to repay all my study loans. Please, please, please help me to travel and see the world! Thank you so much!!