Bali Mental Health Placement

Zen Juen Start Date: Jun 2, 2018 - End Date: Jul 2, 2018
  • Bali, Indonesia

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by: Zen Juen Start Date: Jun 2, 2018 - End Date: Jul 2, 2018
This summer, I will be embarking on a mental health placement in Bali under SLV.Global, a London-based volunteer organization. Bali is a region where mental health resources are scarce - you can read more at this link (Mental Health in Bali 2014warning: graphic images). Along with the team, I will be taking on the role of an Activity Support Worker to help in the running of therapeutic activities in a psychiatric facility, teaching English to young adults and children, and working with special needs individuals. The stigmatisation of mental illness is still prevalent in Bali today and every single effort in promoting positive mental health will contribute to a better quality of life for just any one person. Ultimately, we want to foster a culture of mental health awareness, and equip the Balinese community with the resources they need - this would be one step forward in encouraging open and safe conversations about mental health amongst Balinese individuals who have been marginalized through circumstance. 

I am enthusiastic to be a part of this initiative. This is an incredible hands-on experience for me to learn about the psychological processes that are at the very core of mental disorders and the social psychology of stigma rooted in the Balinese culture. It will be a challenging environment that demands sensitivity to cross-cultural communication and tests one's leadership qualities. Nevertheless, I am passionate about this cause and hope you will support my endeavour :) 

I am currently experiencing some financial strain because of a compulsory placement fee of £1400 dedicated to all workshops and trainings in preparing us for the work, transportation, homestay accommodation, and the 24-hour support provided for volunteers. This is not inclusive of finances for flights, VISA application, administrative fees, vaccinations and miscellaneous living expenses. Thankfully, I have received the GoAbroad Fund from my University which amounts to £350, but I'll still need to raise £1050 (1876SGD). If you are similarly passionate about this cause like I am, and would want to show support in the form of a small monetary donation, I will be extremely grateful!  I will be creating a video of this whole experience and will include your name in the shoutout for everyone who has contributed ♡ thank you so much!

  • Bali, Indonesia