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Ruslana Guseinova Start Date: Apr 25, 2018 - End Date: Aug 22, 2018
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My Travel Story

by: Ruslana Guseinova Start Date: Apr 25, 2018 - End Date: Aug 22, 2018
  • Cultural Exchange
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Hi Hallo Bonjour Ciao Привет Dobry den Salam Привет 你好 everyone from all over the world!(yeeep I am polyglot -at least i can say three words in different languages:) Aaaaaa I was selected for Erasmus programme. I still can´t believe it !!! I am so excited about it but the problem is I can´t afford it. Transportation costs, accommodation,travel arrangement, visa procedures, fly tickets are not covered:(
I´m not distinguished. I don´t have exceptional skills (but I can perfectly cook  frozen pizza in oven:)My main hobby is painting.(I can´t paint but it doesn´t stop me from painting=) I don´t have volunteer or any other extraordinary experience.( I helped my lovely mom to do household chores for free-it is my only volunteer background=) I am just ordinary girl. I always wanted to take part in different competitions, contests, applied for many grants, scholarships, conferences, programmes but I have never been selected and never won anything:( except one time when I bought vodafone sim card and got little package of jelly beans for free-it was very sweet indeed:)
But I never give up and apply again and again.and one day I received confirmation letter that my application for Erasmus programme was excepted. I thought that they wrote me by mistake)) But it was not 1st of April even ) so I screamed from happiness! (I dont have good vocal voice too- I dont sing even in bathroom so my screaming sounded like howling haski-my poor dorm roommates)) it was true -they really selected me -a cheerful,very optimistic girl without any huge achievements and contributions to world development( I just planted flowers in kinder garten near my house to make kids happy). Now when i get a golden ticket(like in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory:) Johnny Depp was great as Willy Wonka) to personal and professional development but I can not finance it(((((((((
I am graduate with exceptional dedication to my studies even if I dont have excellent grades at uni. I study European Studies because it covers a wide range of aspects I am interested in.
I want to study in Prague for many reasons( I copy paste the following reasons from my motivation letter-->) This programme can broaden my horizon about area of my interest.I will be given a unique chance to closely examine Europe from different perspectives. Last but not least, participation in this programme will give me relevant experience that will help me achieve my career goals.
Thus, this programme can change my life in many ways.It will enrich my cultural and social experience and at the same time reinforce my
language skills. While studying I will be fortunate to meet with interesting people and get lots great moments to cherish forever.
Overall, my curiosity drives me to know more about the world we live in and explore different cultures. This particular programme is the great opportunity for growth and change. That is why I have unusual motivation to be a part of it.

So now it´s up to you ,people,  to help me to fulfill my dream ! I aware that there are many brilliant individuals who deserve it more than me but every person can have life obstacles which can not be solved without help and support. So your community-based steps and donations will allow me to study and to meet finnaly with these brilliant people from different parts of our huge world in same class room in Prague:)
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  • Prague, Czechia


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