Studying Abroad in Hikone, Japan

Marissa Meyers Start Date: Apr 12, 2017 - End Date: Dec 16, 2017
  • Hikone, Shiga Prefecture, Japan

My Travel Story

by: Marissa Meyers Start Date: Apr 12, 2017 - End Date: Dec 16, 2017
Hello There!
My name is Marissa and I will be studying abroad through the Japan Center for Michigan Education in Hikone, Japan. I am an Interntional Studies major at Albion College. I am going on this trip to go back to Asia and strengthen my cultural and language understanding.

Previously I have volunteered in Udon Thani,Thailand (third picture) and at the Bi Feng Xia Panda Center in Chengdu, China. On these trips I fell in love with the quiet nature of East Asia, as well as the variety of food. I am currently taking Japanese language courses, so I chose to study abroad in Japan.

I love to travel and being able to get off campus and to another country is a blessing. My program does not offer a meal plan,so I will be dependant on my own finances for food and transportation. I want to try as many different kinds of food that I can, as well as learn new recipes to bring back home.

I am looking forward to this new expirience! Thank you for helping!


I have been approved to stay in Hikone for another semester! I love it here so much and I want to stay as long as I can, however that means I also need to be able to eat for the next five months. I greatly appriciate all the help I have gotten so far!!
  • Hikone, Shiga Prefecture, Japan


  • Visas

    My visa to enter and stay in Japan arrived today! I am so excited to be going on this journey! I also updated my goal amount to $500. My grandparents have been very generous with their support, so I lowered my goal to accommodate what I really think I need.
  • Flights!

    I just booked my flights to Japan! It'll be a long one, but worth it. We booked premium economy for some extra comfort, so it should be a relaxing flight. I will be leaving the US on September 2nd! WOOHOO