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Pavit Ramesh Start Date: Aug 24, 2017 - End Date: Dec 31, 2017
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My Travel Story

by: Pavit Ramesh Start Date: Aug 24, 2017 - End Date: Dec 31, 2017
About 40K Globe: 
40K Globe is a social entrepreneurship model with over a decade of experience in building an award-winning social enterprise. It’s taken that long because they’ve been committed to getting it right.
It all started in 2005, Clary Castrission OAM and Karyn Avery, two uni students from Sydney at the time, took a holiday to India that would change their lives forever. Upon returning to Sydney they naively believed if they could raise AUD$40 000 so they could build a school for a quarrying community outside Bangalore. The first 5 years of 40K’s life was dedicated to building the school.
After the school opened, 40K set about changing the business model for 40K away from philanthropy towards social business. 40K changed both its education project focus in India so that it could become more scalable, as well as its funding model. Today 40K runs learning pods for 1,000 children that teach English for primary aged children through technology.
40K Globe was born for the reason that they wanted to pass on everything the team at 40K have learned to university students so that they can approach social impact responsibly.
“We never changed the name 40K because it represents something that we never want to lose sight of creativity, drive and the power of youth.”
- Clary Castrission OAM, CEO

The Program:
Challenge your understanding of impact by working towards scaling an award-winning social enterprise in rural India.
In a team of six to eight Globers, I'll be working over four weeks to scope, implement and open a new 40K PLUS pod in a rural Indian village.
Awarded the Innovation Award at the 2016 Australian Social Enterprise Awards, 40K PLUS is an after-school education platform that utilises technology to provide primary-aged students living in rural India access to high-quality English education.
Currently spanning 20 villages and servicing over 1073 children, the PLUS platform has proven to extend English comprehension by 2.5 years when compared to students who have not attended PLUS.
In 2017, 40K Globe looking to scale the platform to 1500 more children.

About Me:
I'm a Master's student at Monash University, Australia, majoring in Environment and Sustainability. After completing my Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering, I moved into the professional world and worked for 9 months till I got back to school. My main motivation to move away from Engineering and towards Sustainability was a big realization of the current global scenario, with an urge and hunger to make a positive difference, and be a driver of change. The social disparity in different demographic regions saddens me, and I strongly believe that education solves a very crucial part of the problem.

My Purpose:

Naturally, the first question to anyone considering funding my travel, will be WHY?
I was born in India and raised with access to a quality life, educated in good schools and eventually moved to the United Arab Emirates with my family. Having lived in a country with the fastest growing population, I have first-hand experience of urban sprawl and environmental degradation. I believe that Goal 4 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (Quality Education) is one of the most important goals that they've set to be reached by 2030. Simply because education solves a plethora of problems and accelerates most of the other goals set by the UN. The lack of access to quality education in many parts of the world has contributed to over-population, gender inequality, environmental degradation and a list of other global issues.
I'm highly passionate about this project because it promotes growth, learning and development to rural regions, currently in India but 40K is expanding to Cambodia, and subsequently other developing nations. It aligns with my beliefs and vision for the future, which is what makes it so important and meaningful to me.
If anything has to motivate me in life, it has to be something with a purpose and a positive impact on society.

I hope to be funded to go on this project and contribute to developing a better future for the world. I'm deeply committed to this program, thus, I seek YOUR support to make a difference.

Thank you!

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  • Bangalore Rural, Karnataka, India
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