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Eren Batu Güzel Start Date: Aug 5, 2016 - End Date: Dec 2, 2016
  • Puerto La Cruz, Anzoátegui, Venezuela

My Travel Story

by: Eren Batu Güzel Start Date: Aug 5, 2016 - End Date: Dec 2, 2016
Hello to all who are reading this! My name is Eren and I'm from Turkey and I'm in long distance relationship with my girlfriend Paola who lives in Venezuela, so basically we have 9991 kilometers (6302 miles) between us (from my home to her home. I calculated from Google Earth haha). We had been trying really hard for see each other, I had collected a sum of money and we were excited because there was a big possibility for see each other this month (August) but sadly my debit card was stolen, and that people foud my password so all the money that I have made is gone. After many hours talking on phone, videocalls, thousands of messages in whatsapp, we had a dream about to become reality, and it was destroyed. It's so hard being far away from the person you love, but we all know, that love is more powerful than anything in this world, and kilometers are just a prove of the love you have for someone else. We're young we have many dreams, many hopes, many goals for our life, and of course when you find the right person you just want to share your life with them, forever. So this was and is our first plan, our first goal, meet each other in person as soon as possible We know there's many things happening in the world right now, many problems, many sickness, and we just want to see each other, be together, everyone that really love someone can understand how desperately you need to be with that person, how much you miss that person, so we're living that. We have a lot of support from our families. They want as much as us that we can be together, they are helping as they can, but the economic situation of our countries is bad right now. We need to collect the money until December. We cannot start work because I'll have university exam and my school starts at 8 am at finishs at 4 pm. So, when will I work? Paola can but she cannot exchange the money. If there's anybody who went to Venezuela or lived in Venezuela, (s)he can understand. minimum wage is 16.000 bolivars in Venezuela (about 16 dollars) and I'm not kidding you. And this is the money she will earn for a month. So, she has to work 22.5 years without buy anything just for this travel. If we earn enough money we'll try to see each other in January. I'll have vacation in January for 15 days. The money will be used in;
Plane ticket: $1,100 - $1,300
Passport fee: $122
Personal Expenses in Venezuela: $750
I'll not pay to hotel because I'll stay in my girlfriend's house. We made a promise to ourselves, the day we have the possibility for be together forever and we have money we will help as much couples in long distance relationship as we can We are excited to share our story, and excited to have you be part of it. Any help, no matter how small, will help our cause. If you decide to help, thank you so much! It means a lot to us! Now you are part of this adventure, and we appreciate your support. If even one cent remains, we'll use it for our next adventure. I really want to make you sure that even one penny will not be used except our trips.
Eren Batu Güzel
Best Regards
  • Puerto La Cruz, Anzoátegui, Venezuela