Doing Something Amazing in Kenya with Tiverton High School!

Lottie Oxenham Babb Start Date: Jun 11, 2016 - End Date: Mar 10, 2017
  • Nakuru, Kenya

My Travel Story

by: Lottie Oxenham Babb Start Date: Jun 11, 2016 - End Date: Mar 10, 2017
Hi I'm Lottie and I am 12 years old and go to Tiverton High school in Devon. Tiverton High School have teamed up with African Adventures  to offer the opportunity for students to go and volunteer in Kenya for 10 days.
I really want to go because it is a great story to look back on, and I really understand that other people are not as lucky as I am and I want to do something to help. 
I am going to be working as a teaching assistant helping children in school and learning about their culture.
I really like performing and I hope that I can use some of the things I have learned with the children. Maybe I could teach them a song or a dance?  Maybe I could learn some from them to bring back to England?
I also get to explore the country and meet some of the animals! ( bit scared of meeting a lion!) 
It is one of my ambitions to travel like my dad did, and this would be the start. I think that if more people travelled, the world would become a great community and people would respect each other for who they are and where they come from.

As well as this online campaign I plan to offer dance/ craft workshops for children, bake cakes, make items to sell at fetes, wash cars for the neighbours, put on a social night as well as do chores around the house. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this,
  • Nakuru, Kenya


  • Dance Classes

    Today I taught 4 primary kids dance routines. It was really fun! Thank you to the following people that came today : Lara, Amelia, Ella and Amber I hope you enjoyed yourselves!!!!
    Overall today I have raised £40 that they have kindly helped me to get. They have paid £10 each for 4 lessons which means they have paid £2.50 each class.
    Today was really fun and if you have children that want to come one day please let me know and I will make some more dance classes! :)
  • Start-up

    Thank you to my mum for the £150 deposit; to Mrs Barnett for the baking recipe book and to Mrs Pedrick for the £10 to buy ingredients for my first cake sale and the top tip about having a go at applying for a grant !