Rachel's Volunteer Expedition: Zambia

Rachel Johansen Start Date: Aug 4, 2015 - End Date: Oct 27, 2015
  • Livingstone, Zambia

My Travel Story

by: Rachel Johansen Start Date: Aug 4, 2015 - End Date: Oct 27, 2015
The mission, should I choose to accept it (which I do), is to help Zambian kids. 

Many local children are orphaned due to HIV or are from families with few resources.  Dream Livingstone Zambia is an organization that works to create a safe living and educational environment.  The key to changing any community is improving the lives of women and children.  This is especially important in a country like Zambia where 47% of the population is younger than 18.

This November for 3 weeks I will be traveling to Livingstone, Zambia to help out in a daycare or orphanage with the local group, Dream Livingstone Zambia.  The work will include childcare, education and providing much needed one-on-one attention.  I look forward to working with local volunteers as well as volunteers from around the world.  I’ll get the chance to help local kids on an individual basis.

I can’t wait to experience a new culture, meet new people and see new places.  This adventure combines my love for volunteering and my passion for travel.  While my goal is to help a community in need, I expect I will end up getting more from the trip than I get.

Why do I want to volunteer abroad?
Why not?!

  • Livingstone, Zambia