EHS Travels to Scotland

Chelsea Hahn Start Date: Apr 7, 2018 - End Date: Apr 6, 2019
  • Scotland, United Kingdom

My Travel Story

by: Chelsea Hahn Start Date: Apr 7, 2018 - End Date: Apr 6, 2019
When I was a student in high school, I traveled abroad, so I know first hand how impactful that experience is. I wanted to be able to give that opportunity to my own students. As a new teacher, I was unsure how to go about this venture, but, luckily, my cousin and her husband, both educators at a school close to the one I teach at, have been traveling with ACIS for years. My principal knows them and the company they work with, and suggested we begin this travel experience as a group. For many of the students here at Ewing High School, this may be there only chance to travel abroad. Many of these students come from families where funding a travel experience like this seems impossible, but I want to help them see that anything is possible with fundraising and the help of others. I do not want them to think this experience is out of reach. For me, this experience will help me create a special community at Ewing, and I would be able to grow as a person and professional. For my students, they will be able to experience a world outside of their own town, see how they fit in the world, obtain a sense of independence and responsibility, learn about various cultures, and have fun. The funds raised for this trip will also be going towards the students obtaining their passport in order to give them this opportunity to travel.
  • Scotland, United Kingdom