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Peter Dolo Start Date: Jul 20, 2017 - End Date: Nov 19, 2017
  • Lagos, Nigeria

My Travel Story

by: Peter Dolo Start Date: Jul 20, 2017 - End Date: Nov 19, 2017
Hello everybody!

This year, I have been accepted to attend the Hive Global Leadership Training Program in Lagos, Nigeria. The Training will run from October 25 - 28. I was awarded a partial scholarship to attend the program. However, I am responsible to cover my round air trip to Lagos and also take care of my own accommodation and other fees that are embedded within the partial scholarship awarded me. Honestly, the issue of Leadership crisis is a major hindrance to the growth and development of Africa. As a young African, I believe the future of Africa is resting upon our shoulder. As such, we must take advantage of every capacity building opportunity so as to help make Africa a better continent. It is against this background that I am very interested in attending Hive Global Leadership Program because I am of the strong conviction that I will gain new knowledge and skills that can contribute in shifting Africa positively. 
To make this dream a reality, I am raising $2000 to pay for my travel, accommodation and other fees that are not covered by my partial scholarship.  I can't wait to see this dream becoming a reality. I would highly appreciate were you to donate to my fundraising campaign to help me live out the dream of making Africa a more vibrant place in term of Leadership. Thanks in advance. For any other inquiry, kindly contact me at
  • Lagos, Nigeria