My wife was deported back to Thailand

Dave Feitosa Start Date: Jun 22, 2017 - End Date: Sep 19, 2017
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My Travel Story

by: Dave Feitosa Start Date: Jun 22, 2017 - End Date: Sep 19, 2017
Hello there Sir,
I would like to tell you a story and take away 5 minutes of your time, and perhaps u can help me.
3 years ago a Thai Girl Called "Minnie" her nick name her true name is Praphasri, come to Brasil in a holidays, she was very happy to visit a country so spoken around the world, her boss gave her come contacts of friend that she could stay at there for free. when her holidays finished she headed back to Thailand as planned and as an act of retribution she took a gift from the couple that had her for the two weeks back with her, only to be arrested at the airport and find out the bag she carried had a fake bottom filled with coke. she went to prison for 3 years and got release after 6 months in open arrest. but she couldn't go back home. I meet here 2 years ago she was living poorly at some bad girl house who shared rent with her but took all the money she received from her parents. she was poorly feed and in very bad condition. her family worked very hard to send her money even not been able to. they are from chon buri they are poor ppl. when i first meet Minnie, i found a cute pretty innocent girl, lonely and lost in a strange country we started to chat and soon i fall in love with her and took her in my house. we started dating she was a very nice hardworking person she quickly made my all family love her, she took care of great grandmother wich is 87 years old so i could work. Im very thankfull to have meet her. last week the time she had been sentenced expired and she was set free. but nothing good come from this she had to leave Brasil (my country) to go back to Thailand because Brasilian Law forbids her to stay, she was deported back to her homeland, and our relationship shattered by distance, we are very in love she is my everything. At the moment my country is in very bad crisis i lost my work 3 months ago, and all money i had is gone to pay our bills, and with the latest occurrence I cant afford to go Thailand to re-meet my beloved Minnie, she also cant help me she have to pay around 100.000baht (something around 3 to 4 thousand dollars) for deportation and fees back home. I am very bad at the moment because i'm unemployed, without the woman of my life and can't help her repay her debt. I am so desperate i am trying too seek help everywhere so if anyone can help me i don't ask for money i wish you could help me by maybe buy a plane ticket to Thailand so maybe there together with her we can work and pay her debts and live together happy ever after and maybe one day return to my home country. Iam sorry for taking ur time if u can't help me disconsider my request. Everything I spoke here can be verified via facebook or even chat is u wish to speak to me or her. May God Bless you.
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