Volunteer in Kenya

Karolina Löfgren Egraeus Start Date: Sep 9, 2017 - End Date: Dec 31, 2017

My Travel Story

by: Karolina Löfgren Egraeus Start Date: Sep 9, 2017 - End Date: Dec 31, 2017

At the beginning of the year, I traveled to Zambia and volunteered with chimpanzees and then I traveled through several countries to finish the journey in South Africa with some more volunteering. It was a great experience and it taught me a lot about myself and others, I got a whole new view of life.

After that trip I felt a huge longing to go back. Therefore, I will go back and help rehabilitate animals in Kenya. Since I have a degree in animal health care, I will participate in a project that rehabilitates different types of monkeys who are injured and then reintroduce them into nature.

I will start my journey in Zimbabwe in December and then travel through Zambia, Malawi and Tanzania before finishing my trip in Kenya.
In Kenya, I will volunteer at a place called Colobus Conservation located in Diani, where they take care and rehabilitate primates. My duties will be to feed, clean, collect data, rehabilitate, teach the local, plant, etc. 

Unfortunately, it costs a lot to travel and I will have to pay about 17,000 Swedish kronor to participate in the project for two months. Costs include airport transfers, food, accommodation, cleaning, laundry, security and contributes directly to the running costs of the organization. 
Please help me to accomplish this!