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ethan schaffer Start Date: Jun 21, 2018 - End Date: Sep 18, 2018
  • Sydney NSW, Australia

My Travel Story

by: ethan schaffer Start Date: Jun 21, 2018 - End Date: Sep 18, 2018
Hello! I have been accepted to study abroad this upcoming Summer/Fall in Australia as a UC film major and I am looking for a little support along the way. As a surfer, Australia--the people, the culture, the landscape--has always been alluring to me. Through countless surf videos among the years and having had the opportunity to meet a handful of Australians, I feel a connection to the country and cannot wait to explore what it has to offer. This excitement also extends to educational opportunities.

In my opinion, the best space for creativity is a space that you are unfamiliar with, as it allows you to view the world in new ways. In general, being abroad—deprived of complete familiarity—is a catalyst for new and interesting perspectives, thus being a great opportunity to study creative ventures and nourish learning. So, as a film major, studying abroad provides particular academic advantages, as many creative feats are manifested when one is outside their standard realm of thought. Additionally, there are many unique courses available that are not offered at my university (UCSB.) Attending courses such as “Experimental Film,” which allows students to create videos using 16mm film cameras, would allow me gain more hands on experience within the creative aspects of film making. I believe that jumping into the technical and creative processes of film by actually using equipment and crafting ideas is the best way to both learn and understand the intricacies of film making. In other words, to make is the best way to learn about film making, and there are numerous courses that encourage this type of learning.

With all of this being said, the cost of studying abroad in Australia is significantly higher than my normal academic costs, so I am trying to utilize this platform and community to help gain some financial support. I do not particularly have a set number, but anything helps!

Thank You,
Ethan Schaffer :-)
  • Sydney NSW, Australia