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Uriah Edwards Start Date: Apr 3, 2016 - End Date: Apr 2, 2017
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My Travel Story

by: Uriah Edwards Start Date: Apr 3, 2016 - End Date: Apr 2, 2017

Hi guys! My camera isn't the best quality, or its just my face, up to you haha.  


My name is Uriah Edwards and I am a 18 year old Australian male, currently I am  looking for a purpose and a career in life and I am hoping to find it over seas in the beautiful country of my parents- and no my parents weren't convicts! haha.

 I am a traveller, thats what I love, I can't stand staying still, in saying so I hope to travel all over the UK, I hope to see all it in all its beauty, but I can't without your help! If you are living in the UK you shouldn't worry, us Aussies arn't half as bad as the rest of the world might think, I am a kind person- and I am single... Ladies? 

I have travelled and seen most of Australia, but it seems to be mostly the same, from state to territory, but I have never been over seas, and I have never been to the Mother country, and so it would mean a great deal to me!

My plans are to work whilst I am over there, working holiday, and in doing so I hope to make some form of Proffesional development towards a career, and also meet lost relatives that I have not had the chance to meet before.  On top of this I think that my travels would bring insperation to a book that I am intending to publish- if its not dreadful.  

Work down here is hard to get, I continue to look for employment but it seems to be a rarity unfortunetly. So that is why I am running this campaign, I really hope this gets to the right person!

If you would like to contact me from another source you can contact me through my email at:
I promise I don't bite. 

I am really looking forward to hearing from you! 

Much love from Down Under

Uriah Edwards

  • United Kingdom