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Stacy Polanco Start Date: Dec 27, 2017 - End Date: Apr 26, 2018
  • San Jose, Costa Rica

My Travel Story

by: Stacy Polanco Start Date: Dec 27, 2017 - End Date: Apr 26, 2018
Welcome to my page. I' am pursuing for a Medical Internship in Costa Rica. The reason why I chose Costa Rica because it is the first abroad trip I am taking to stay for more than a week. I was advised to go there because the culture is difference, but it will not be a culture shock based on some westernized cultures in the country.
This will impact my career as a prospective phhysican, and I will benefit on gain knowledge on patient care, physicans prospective in the profession, research, vital signs, drawing blood, lab work, and many more. With this internship, I will be doing a project and a paper to present with health profression as well. In addition, this will not just benefit me, but to my community by giving the gained knowledge into educating the people a functioning and safe lifestyle through their health.

I am so passionate about this project because this will be my first abroad trip and internship in this field. I have done one research at Howard University in Biostatistic, and it was a great  experience. This opportunity is more beneficial than I could get in some internships in the states.

I am asking for $20  or $30 donations, or if not whatever donation you may want to place of your chose. 

Thank you so much. 
  • San Jose, Costa Rica