Trip to blog about Chinese language, culture and food

Dyami Millarson Start Date: Jan 3, 2020 - End Date: Dec 3, 2020
  • Beijing, China

My Travel Story

by: Dyami Millarson Start Date: Jan 3, 2020 - End Date: Dec 3, 2020
One-month China trip for daily blogging about language, food and culture 

Hello, everyone. I am a language and culture blogger. I try to do my best to learn/study and save/promote languages by blogging: I write about endangered languages and cultures in Europe usually, but I have a profound interest in East Asia as well, particularly China. I have been to China before in 2017, but I would like to go back and learn more about the language(s), food(s) and culture(s) in China. My motivation is clear: I want to finish what I started in 2017 when I learned the basics about Chinese culture. I have a special emotional connection with East Asia because reading East Asian philosophy and watching East Asian cinema helped me to recover spiritually after a dramatically life-changing unexpected intestine surgery that I had to undergo in 2013. I have usually always kept my New Year's resolutions and my resolution for 2020 is to travel to China and learn more from the local Chinese people by talking with them in their own language as much as possible. When in China, I want to keep you updated about my adventures every single day on my blog. I will definitely share stylish & beautiful pictures with you as well! 

My voluntary initiative to save languages in Europe has been in the news for many consecutive years. I have often used my own funds to help others, but I would like to get your support for this trip to China, because it means so much to be able to blog about Chinese language, culture and cuisine. I want to learn more, and to travel between Europe and Asia helps me expand my perspective on many issues. This is vital for my on-going language revitalisation efforts in Europe as well. Many elderly last speakers count on me and expect new solutions or ideas from me, so I need to travel the world and explore the world's cultural and linguistic landscape for myself in order to seek new solutions for the people with whom I work in Europe. In 2019, I spent my birthday together with last speakers of Eilauners (for the first time internationally seen as an independent language in 2019). Since 2018, I meet with the last speakers of Hielepes every single month and I read stories to them in their own language and they help me correct errors. I'll definitely tell them my China stories as well!

Many of the languages that I write in on my blog are spoken only by a handful of people. Whilst exploring language(s) and culture(s) in China, particularly in the Beijing area, I will write about all my adventures/experiences in those endangered languages as well. Our blog is giving a voice to people whose languages were not heard online. By travelling and seeking new inspirational experiences, we make the languages relevant to others who will quite surely never have heard of these small languages before.

My trip to China will be a big learning experience, and I will pay attention to the food (cuisine), culture (traditions) and language (communication). I am learning Mandarin Chinese for my trip. I hope to travel to China as soon as possible. I need about 2.5K to achieve all my goals. I will not waste a single Euro whilst I am there. I want to focus on meaningful experiences that will help to increase my knowledge about the world. I consider this China trip the best next step in my preparation for promoting/saving 3 new languages in Europe in the second half of this year.

Thank you all so much for reading & supporting! Every Euro you donate is extremely meaningful.

Please note that my language initiative is non-profit

Dyami Millarson
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  • Beijing, China


  • Thank You, Timothy Junes!

    I am very thankful to Timothy Junes for supporting the China blogging trip, so amazing
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    I have posted about this campaign on my blog!