Copen-Hopin': Help send Mckenzie to Denmark!

Alycia Canavan Start Date: Oct 24, 2016 - End Date: Apr 23, 2017
  • Copenhagen, Denmark

My Travel Story

by: Alycia Canavan Start Date: Oct 24, 2016 - End Date: Apr 23, 2017
Hello! My name is Alycia, and I am raising funds to help my younger sister, Mckenzie, participate in a study abroad program in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Mckenzie is in her third year of studying Interior Architecture at the University of Oregon. She is, like me, a first-generation college student. As a student in the rigorous and competitive Interior Architecture program, she spends her days attending class, studying things like the architectural history of India, and working at her on-campus job. She spends her nights (truly, almost every night, and until the wee hours of the morning,) designing and assembling stubbornly intricate 3D models. In addition to her studies and work, she also manages to find time to come play with her nephew and niece regularly, giving me a much-needed break while she functions as a human jungle gym and tiring out my kids.

Mckenzie hopes to attend DIS in Copenhagen to study Furniture Design. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, as she would have the chance to learn from and work with experts in Scandinavian design, in Copenhagen, an international hub of design tradition and innovation. 

Mckenzie needs help funding her study abroad. She relies on student loans and work-study to pay her tuition and expenses. While she has been saving for her semester abroad, she needs help if she is going to be able to finance her trip. I am so incredibly proud of all my sister has achieved in such a short time- she works hard to succeed in school, support herself, and help out with my family when I need it. Please consider helping my hard-working, caring, and dedicated sister achieve her goal. It would mean so much to her, and to me. Thank you!

  • Copenhagen, Denmark