Send Montana girl to the Desert! For a Spartan Race Dubai!!

Candice Day Start Date: Aug 10, 2018 - End Date: Aug 24, 2018
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My Travel Story

by: Candice Day Start Date: Aug 10, 2018 - End Date: Aug 24, 2018
  • Cultural Exchange
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Spartan races saved my life. I had lost myself mentally and emotionally and lost my physical health as well. Those around me did not see a strong woman. On a challenge I set out to prove them wrong. 
Once a competitive boxer I knew I had the strength to be a real athlete so I went to the gym and signed up for training. 2 months later I ran in the 9+ mile Spartan Super. I tore my calf and finished with well over 180 burpees completed. It took me over 4 hours. But I was hooked. Now 2+ years later I stare down my final races to complete my 3rd overall trifecta (which is the completion of a Sprint 3+miles, Super 9+ and Beast 11+ miles all in the same year). I have pushed myself in ways I never knew existed. 
 And now I have a new goal in mind. Spartan Arabia! Racing in the heat of the desert in the middle of Dubai during this year's women's only Sprint! 
But it is more than just a chance to run in a completely foreign terrain. 
I was raised by an accepting hippie mom who happened to be married to an abusive racist jerk. He preached hate for all people not white male. Combined with this daily societal onslaught that Muslim countries are evil and dangerous I grew to fear and misunderstand this part of the world. Just last year I said "I have absolutely no desire to travel to the Middle East" and apparently the universe decided to change my mind. 
Through a random series of conversations and the immense reach of social media I connected with people across the world and began to learn about the misconceptions and judgements I had made. I was shocked at myself. Always seeing myself as an open minded person more akin to my mother I now realized I held false perceptions and even racist views. 
This journey is about challenging myself both internally and externally. 
In addition my truest passion in life is to travel. 
This trip would bring together the greatest culmination of my passions and life experiences in a truly epic way. 
Sadly, I am held back by the burdens of debt and at this time I fall just mere inches short of my goal. 
If you can help me to realize this vision I will not only share my journey with you but bring you back a small gift. 
And if you cannot help please share maybe someone you know can. 
Feel free to contact me with more questions or stay in contact as my adventure unfolds:
Insta: candance35_ 

Thank you. 

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