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Melisa Aldana Start Date: Sep 6, 2017 - End Date: Oct 5, 2017
  • Istanbul, Turkey

My Travel Story

by: Melisa Aldana Start Date: Sep 6, 2017 - End Date: Oct 5, 2017
This campaign is for an internet relationship meet.
The money will go towards a plane ticket, as we already made it for the transportation, food, places to stay, and any other needs.
Any donations, at all, will be greatly appreciated. Any penny matter.
I give my love to all whom help get my love to me. 

My boyfriend is from sinop, turkey, ultimatly 3,800 miles away from me.
We met on a chatting website in January, of 2016. We instantly became a really good friends, just very close to each other. It's amazing how in such a short time, we both made quite an impact on each other lifes, after a time when our relationship was stronger and our feelings overcame the barriers, we agreed that January 17 would be the date we would choose to determine the time we would have together as a special date. And like every normal relationship we celebrate special dates doing things online, video calls, videos messages etc but there is a point where these things are not enough like when you want to stay next to the person you love in the hospital. or moments of happiness and love. Through the distance, the love, and support is still there. The dedication to eachother, and getting to see eachother is strong. 

We've been planning a meet, for a long time now. It was planned for summer of 2017, but it's been a while, and we have not been able to reach the necessary amount of money, since we both study and work part time. but it has been very difficult, even as we have reduced our unnecessary or superfluous expenses.
We have the desire to end this year together and start a new year celebrating two years of this wonderful bound.

Our goal is $2,100. We expect nothing more. It's just enough for the plane ticket to make it possible. In the shortest time possible. As we said before, We appreciate the help, and support. If this dream comes true, this cause, We will be forever greatful. But that was not all, as we know how important it is to help other people, we commit to return the money to other causes, charities or someone in need so that this can continue to benefit. in the name of your charity.
Help spread the word!
  • Istanbul, Turkey