Volunteer 1 year in Tanzania

Sebastian Vry Start Date: Jun 15, 2016 - End Date: Jun 14, 2017

My Travel Story

by: Sebastian Vry Start Date: Jun 15, 2016 - End Date: Jun 14, 2017
(Please apologize mistakes in the following text.)


This means “welcome” in Kiswahili, a language mainly spoken in Tanzania. Tanzania is located in east Africa. You may know it for the Mount Kilimanjaro (mount Kibo) and the Serengeti Park, the both biggest tourist attractions in Tanzania. But I am not visiting one of these both. I will move to Tanzania with the intention to support.

Education is one of the most important things in life. We can be very happy that we do not have to worry about if we can get education or not. But in countries like Tanzania you have to worry about this. And that will not be your only problem. You have spreading disease, nature catastrophes and much more. But I think education is a good part to start with.
I will stay one year at the “Pandahill Highschool”, where I will work together with the local teachers. I will prepare lessons and teach students to work with computers and other things that get more and more important in the work-life, so the teachers can focus on other classes. This is important because there are not enough teachers for all students. The Pandahill Highschool has around 1000 students from age 12 to 19 and they are sometimes in classes with up to 60 other students.

But a not less important fact is the intercultural exchange between the students and me. We can all learn from each other. People from two complete different countries and cultures can exchange their experiences and knowledge. And I think this plays an important role in our development as a human. It builds tolerance and respect for different perspectives. And that is something really important nowadays. I am so interested in learning to think different, to think outside the borders that we have set ourselves. And I can share what I learn, with you.

As I am working as a volunteer, my work is unsalaried and that is one of the reasons, why I need to collect donations. I am working also at a retirement home at the moment, to pay possible expenses that can not be paid trough donations. I am not expecting that I will get much money through this, but every $/€/‎£ can help me. When you do not want or do not can donate, it would be so nice from you, if you could share this campaign with possible interested people. Thank you :)

A little bit about me; my name is Sebastian Vry, I am currently 19 years old and I live in Hamburg, Germany. Last year I got the “general qualification for university entrance” or the “Abitur”. At this point, I want to study medicine after my journey. If you want, you can visit my website ( www.volintan.wordpress.com) for more information.

In average, one year as a volunteer costs about 10200 € (11,500 US-$ / 8000 £).

4480€ are the costs of seminars that take place before, during and after the journey.

5720€ are the costs for accommodation, food and other important things, traveling expenses, insurance, and pocket money (75€ per month).

Equipment, medical appointments, medication, visa (visa alone costs around 700 US-$), I will pay by myself.

We have to pay also 2800€ by ourselves, that we should get through donations in the best case. Obtaining the money through donations, having a responsibility to all donors and knowing that some people are interested in what I am doing makes the journey even more interesting. Also, to get to the point, it is really a big amount of money that I could barely afford combined with all the other expenses.

I will arrive in Tanzania between the 26th and the 29th of August 2016 and I will go back one year later. I will try everything to get all the needed money until the 20th of August, but it is also possible to pay the rest back after my trip. That is why my campaign lasts longer than until my departure.

I am so happy and grateful for every cent that gets donated. Like I said, not just because of the financial worth, but also because then I can see that you are interested. It would me make much more motivated to write daily blogs and updates. I am very thankful that you have read to this point. I don’t know how convincing this text sounded in your ears. I hope it did well. If you have questions, concerns or just ideas to improve the text of my campaign, please write me an Email at bastivry@googlemail.com

Thank you for your attention.

-Sebastian Vry



Whether you are a donator or not, a sharer or not, feel free to visit my website at “ www.volintan.wordpress.com”. I will write blog posts daily and share photos with you. I will share my experiences, what I do exactly as a teacher and what I see from Tanzania. You can always be with me during my 365 days in Tanzania. You can stay in contact with me, if you have questions or other special little wishes that I could maybe fulfill.