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Italo Mortara Adofacci Start Date: Jul 9, 2018 - End Date: Sep 26, 2018
  • Moscow, Russia

My Travel Story

by: Italo Mortara Adofacci Start Date: Jul 9, 2018 - End Date: Sep 26, 2018
Italo & Ksenia

Chile and Russia.

When people learn of our origin, the first question we get is:


It all started in fall of 2016; we were both studying on an exchange program in a small city called Akita, in northern Japan. By the time we met, Italo had already made three French friends, and everybody would take him as French too. Imagine my surprise when I found out he was Chilean, it sounded so-o far away! And it was far away. Indeed, an opposite side of the world, you know. That’s why after being together for more than two months we had to say farewell, thinking we probably wouldn’t see each other for a decade at least.

Saying goodbye broke our hearts, it was very hard as we were both very special for each other. We didn’t realize at that time that our story wasn’t over yet, but it was only beginning.

After departing, we decided to stay friends. Can’t say it was easy, to leave feelings behind. Although we knew from the very beginning this moment would come. What we can say is that we are happy we went through it all, since it helped us realize our feelings.

We had both tried moving on and even supported each other in those attempts, but we kept talking and skyping from time to time, and our bond strengthened without us realizing.

Italo: For me, during these months I felt extremely strange; I knew that if I had to choose one woman to spend my life with, it would be Ksenia, and not any other person I could have dated.

Ksenia: I couldn’t imagine living without Italo. He supported me a lot during those months separated. With him, I shared doubts and dreams, achievements and fears. I tried forbidding myself from thinking about him romantically, but I still missed him a lot.

In August 2017, Ksenia started working and could afford a ticket to Chile. The trip across the world began in February of 2018, after not seeing each other for a year. It was a month of happiness and joy. We spent all the time together, trying to believe that it wasn’t a dream and enjoying our time together.

Ksenia: I got to know Italo’s family (oh, how nervous I was!) and the world that surrounded him, the very thought of it makes me smile widely. We already loved each other, and this trip only strengthened our connection.

Italo: It was the happiest month of my life. It confirmed how deep my love for her was and how much I wanted to be with her. Saying goodbye for the second time broke my heart, and I fell emotionally sick for many days after her departure. But this time it was different; we would commit to our relationship and our love, no matter the obstacles.

What’s next?

Now it`s Italo’s turn to visit Russia, but since we both are university students, we don’t have enough money for the plane tickets…

Please help us meet in September as it would be a dream come true and an opportunity for our relationship to develop and become stronger. Long distance relationships are very tough to handle, and any help that we can get would make it more bearable.

If you have read this far, we want to sincerely thank you, despite if you are going to donate or not, we appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts.

Italo & Ksenia
  • Moscow, Russia


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