Abdallah Ngendakumana Start Date: Jun 24, 2018 - End Date: Oct 11, 2018

My Travel Story

by: Abdallah Ngendakumana Start Date: Jun 24, 2018 - End Date: Oct 11, 2018
The donation will help me to travel to Burundi for the purpose of teaching different group of people as well it will support me during volunteering period.

The project will be based on teaching English Language for Adult,youths,street children,girls who got pregnancies and dropped from school,People who wish to join University level/English speaking college.  It will help the community also to communicate in English that will enable them to get good job abroad.  Remember it had been a big challenge for Burundians to be hired in English speaking Countries because they speak French as their official language.

I am really passionate about this project because I want my country people to develop English language communication as well for Business  so that they will increase the jobs opportunities to support their families and help others to achieve goals.

The reason to choose Burundi country is that it's one of the first three (3) poorest country in Africa,lot of girls get pregnant in adolescent stage that lead them to leave school,many children are in streets without food or support,youths are not employed and decided to stay home.

By The end of this project,all members should be able to communicate in English,applying job abroad,staring their own business to save family,youths will be able to teach others in the way of earning money and country get development with Educated generation.