Venturing to Scotland to See the Sights and Scenes

Connor Melone Start Date: Dec 11, 2017 - End Date: Jun 10, 2018
  • Scotland, United Kingdom

My Travel Story

by: Connor Melone Start Date: Dec 11, 2017 - End Date: Jun 10, 2018
Like many people, I have always had a desire to travel. When I was growing up, my family made multiple trips in a car across the United States to move, stopping at every sight along the way. When we lived on the west, we would drive hundreds of miles to visit family in Arizona, New Jersey, Oregon, and Illisnois. I loved it. Even the driving was hypnotic to me whether it was giant mountains towering in the distance, or flat fields flowing for years. As I got older, my interest for traveling and the outdoors only grew. I embarked on a trip with Outward Bound to Minasota for a trek through the Boundary Waters. Those memories only leave me breathless. After moving to the east states, I became aware of the Appalachian Trial and a town called Damascus. My brother and I decided to try to make it to this much talked about town. We collected food, backpacks, and tents before leaving. Unfortunately, we had to cut the trip short as we had exhausted our food supply. I haven't been on a trip since then and am itching to get out once again. After contemplating what my destination should be, it hit me. Scotland! Not only do they have phenomonal views and tremendous caves, but I would be able to stay with my friend of four years, which would have the benefit of not only decreasing the cost of this trip, but also enabling me to connect with her once more. If I am passionate about any two things, they are traveling/adventuring, and friends. However, I have little time to do odd jobs in order to raise money for this trip dew to my studying. I am not, however, helpless. I will have a place to rest as well as food to eat, leaving airfare as the only obstruction. I try to only ask for what I need, so the only thing I ask for in this fund raiser are funds to cover airfare. I have to cover 7,000 miles (~2,000 over the U.S. and ~5,000 over the Atlantic Ocean), so tickets average at around $1,300 for a round trip. This is what my goal will be. The sooner I reach my goal, the sooner I will be able to go, but the deadline I have set is the 11th of June...approximately six months from now.
  • Scotland, United Kingdom