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Daniel Shotter Start Date: Sep 4, 2016 - End Date: Oct 9, 2016
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My Travel Story

by: Daniel Shotter Start Date: Sep 4, 2016 - End Date: Oct 9, 2016
A little about me... My name is Daniel, im 29 years of age. I have a partner and live in auckland NZ. just over a year ago I had my little anxiety disorder take over my life completly. I was bed ridden for over a month with the fear of anything and everything. Everything I knew was safe suddenly felt like it nolonger was, even going to the bathroom felt like it would end my life. Every time the anxiety hit so did the panic attacks, which followed with very real symptoms that would mimic serious conditions like heart attacks. (I could go on but let not dwell on the negative) I have slowly rebuilt my life, learnt how to exist again and be present in my life. I have got work again and have even been on an overseas trip with my partner. 

10 years ago I was set to go on a trip to the phillipines for a missionary trip, unfortunately this was a similar time as I came out to the world. Instantly I was told I could not attend the trip due to my choice. (this was a common view of churches then which has slowly started to change and now)

Fast forward 10 years. After almost 10 years of not attending church due to the pain I have finally found myself a church that loves me and respects me as I am just like Jesus did when he was on earth and still does. I have been asked to go on a mission trip to cambodia for two weeks in october 2016 and I have felt a strong calling to do so.

This trip not only fufil what was planned 10 years ago but also help me continue to overcome my anxiety. My partner wont be coming with me to hold my hand this time so I will need to stand on my own two feet.

I have a simple ask, if you feel you want to donate towards this trip it will be greatly appreciated. The more donations I get the less I will have to borrow and ultimately the less stressful on the trip. Every little bit helps. The money raised will go towards my flights, accomidation and food while in Cambodia.

Thanks in advance.
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  • Heading Off Tomorrow

    Tomorrow at 11 pm I'll be in my way to Cambodia. Very excited but please keep me in your prayers for my anxiety and safety.
  • Massive Thanks

    Massive thanks to all who have already donated. Leaving on Monday starting to pack over the weekend and get ready