Making Memories Around The World (Japan)

Ashley Hall Start Date: Jul 2, 2018 - End Date: Nov 7, 2018
  • Hiroshima, Japan

My Travel Story

by: Ashley Hall Start Date: Jul 2, 2018 - End Date: Nov 7, 2018
After attending an event that made me appreciate culture a lot more, I decided to take on the responsibility of becoming bilingual for future career purposes. I have been studying Japanese for a while now and want to pursue more now by visiting such a beautiful place. 

My research has been solely set on Hiroshima, Japan. Known as the city that was most damaged by the first atomic bomb. The memorial site and museum is one that I would be honored to visit and learn more about through experience rather than online. Then there’s the ‘Island of Worship’, the Itsukushima Shrine. As a photographer and landscaper on the side, the Shukkeien Garden has captured my attention like no other. And who could forget the food? Okonomiyaki is the soul and comfort food, with Hiroshima ranking number 1 with its restaurants. Trekking, trekking is like hiking by exploring what the land has to offer and coming back with new experiences each time. This is what I live for. 

I’m young and one thing people will always tell you is to live your life to the fullest. This isn’t just a personal get away, it’s a learning experience and one that can help me become more fluent in the language. I am putting my own money toward this as well, however being an adult also comes with responsibilities. I have a place to stay there (perks of having friends all over the world). I just need help for the ticket there and home. 
  • Hiroshima, Japan