Clinical & ancient Psychology Programme in India for 2 weeks

Andrew Theophani Start Date: Nov 16, 2018 - End Date: Aug 15, 2019

My Travel Story

by: Andrew Theophani Start Date: Nov 16, 2018 - End Date: Aug 15, 2019
I'm raising money to help out in a clinical practice in India.

This placement offers an invaluable education programme and work experience in a country that is lacking in adequate and appropriate care for the mental well-being of it's citizens. This will benefit my life experience in addition to developing my knowledge of how practices operate in clinical positions, an area cruical to have some sort of experience for jobs. Most importantly, I will be part of a team implementing Western clinical techniques to the local people with the aim being to improve their quality of life. 
I am very passionate about this project because I believe the work that we will be doing will genuinely help the people. India is a country where mental health isn't emphasised as much as it is in the western world or as much as it should be. Therefore, the work that we would be doing over this 2 week placement is that much more valuable and necessary.
A donation of any amount would help me to get to India to take part in this placement opportunity and would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!!