Pure Dream-Protect Africa's Wildlife

kalina mladenova Start Date: Jun 1, 2018 - End Date: Jul 10, 2018
  • Johannesburg South, South Africa

My Travel Story

by: kalina mladenova Start Date: Jun 1, 2018 - End Date: Jul 10, 2018
I have just graduated from high school and am going off to college to study Anthropology at Durham University, UK. I decided that I want to go to a volunteer project in a wildlife sanctuary in Africa, because of a conversation I had with my english teacher. On the last school day he asked us what would we do if we had a week left to live and I immediately responded: "Go to Africa." It was so weird, because I just said it without thinking and I realized that this is really important to me. I love animals, always had, and always will. Volunteering in the the zoo in Bulgaria last year allowed me to understand how valuable and rewarding it is to have a connection with these amazing creatures. Thinking about it more and more, I realized that this is what I want to do. I want to save animals, to help them survive, and to try to reverse the impact that humans had on their habitat. I found my passion and I want to follow it.
When I did research, however, I realized that it is really expensive. I found a job for the summer so I will be able to fund my trip, but I will need financial support for teh airplane tickets. 
I realize that I want a lot, and that there are other people out there who need this money more than I do, but I just want to try everything to make this dream come true. I want to take actions, follow my passions, and help.
Even if I do not reach my goal, I am still eternally grateful for every single donation. I want you to know that this means a lot to me and I want to thank you even for the smallest contribution. If it does come true, I promise to give back and I promise that your contributions will be worth it.
  • Johannesburg South, South Africa