Please help my brother and me meet our grandma

Alexa Magsuci Start Date: Jul 23, 2018 - End Date: Nov 19, 2018
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My Travel Story

by: Alexa Magsuci Start Date: Jul 23, 2018 - End Date: Nov 19, 2018
Hi everyone! My name is Alexa and I am half filipino and half chinese. Being filipino comes from my dad's side; he was born and raised in Iloilo City. However, to pursue better opportunities, he came here to the United States. 

My dad and his brothers all came to the US, but my grandparents stayed in the Philippines. Because it's so expensive to travel between the US and the Philippines, my family and I don't get to see our grandma very often. My grandfather passed away before my little brother could even see him -- my brother has never been to the Philippines. 

I want my brother to at least go to the Philippines once. I went a few years ago, by myself (it was too expensive for my whole family to go). I don't want my brother to end up having the same situation with my grandma, not being able to see her before she passes away. She's not getting any younger and my brother is getting busier with school, so it'd be ideal to have him go to the Philippines as soon as possible. 

Please help us; any donation can make a difference. If we don't reach our goal, then all of the money will go towards my brother's ticket. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, God bless.
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