Study Abroad - Costa Rica Coffee Farms!

MistiLynn Lokken Start Date: Oct 25, 2016 - End Date: Feb 24, 2017
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My Travel Story

by: MistiLynn Lokken Start Date: Oct 25, 2016 - End Date: Feb 24, 2017
Having the unique experience of being raised in Japan as a military brat, I have a deep appreciation for the value of immersing in cultures that differ from my general experience. I can connect with visitors more deeply, both through an understanding of the language as well as intricacies of the culture. Saying hello in Nihongo (Japanese) and sharing a picture of me standing in a kimono as a little girl is an instant connection that could not be replicated in any other fashion.

A new opportunity has arisen to join a study abroad trip on the coffee farms of Costa Rica for spring break in March 2017.

As a Starbucks partner (employee), coffee education is immersive throughout my work day - I am a certified Coffee Master and spend extra time in teaching coffee education and leading coffee tastings both within my team and across the company. I can describe the delicate acidity and flavor notes of roasted nuts and cocoa that are often found in Latin American coffees. I am able to share how the flavors will change depending on the brewing method, comparing the complexity of a French Press against the cleanliness of a Chemex.

However, seeing pictures of coffee farms and hearing stories cannot compete with actually placing my hands in the soil. Sitting with someone who works on a coffee farm and who spends their day meticulously tending the coffee trees will further complete the puzzle that is coffee. That we will get to visit the Starbucks farm Hacienda Alsacia and meet with the chief agronomist makes this a can't-miss opportunity of a lifetime.

But I will need your help, support and advocacy. Please consider donating to help fund this experience or, if you can't afford to contribute, please share this link with your network.

I am greatly looking forward to participating in this Study Abroad program to Costa Rica and appreciate your support.
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