Conservation AND Photography in AFRICA

Malli Banitt Start Date: Apr 28, 2016 - End Date: Apr 27, 2017
  • Victoria Falls, Matabeleland North, Zimbabwe

My Travel Story

by: Malli Banitt Start Date: Apr 28, 2016 - End Date: Apr 27, 2017
My name is Malli Banitt and I am 20 years old in San Marcos attending Texas State University. I have grown up always loving animals. I always dreamed of becoming a zoologist in Africa and working with all the wild animals! As we grow, our dreams as little ones always tend to change. I then wanted to become a wildlife photographer in Africa and catch all the wild animals that call it home! You would think from then my dream has changed but it never did! I have a passion for animals and taking pictures of them! Thanks to the company ECO.ORG, they make it possible to help conservation efforts of the beautiful animals in Africa AND to be taught by a professional to capture amazing pics of these animals! It is a 4 week program and it is exactly what I have always dreamed of! Working to help these animals and to be able to photograph them! This project has a number of long-term goals, the ultimate goal being to raise awareness and help preserve the precious African environment. This project contributes to conservation efforts by creating a photographic database, which can be used as an educational tool and for animal identification purposes. Volunteers then apply these resources to educating the local community about environmental conservation. I never thought it would be possible to do both of these things like this but I have been given this amazing opportunity and I cannot pass it up! I am saving solely by my job at Texas state and any assistance is greatly appreciated! I am hoping to make this dream of my life come true!
  • Victoria Falls, Matabeleland North, Zimbabwe