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Monty Daniel Start Date: Apr 12, 2018 - End Date: May 31, 2018
  • London, United Kingdom

My Travel Story

by: Monty Daniel Start Date: Apr 12, 2018 - End Date: May 31, 2018
I grew up in a small farming community called Hesperus, Colorado where I was half an hour from the nearest town, and my closest friends were my goats in the backyard. Every summer, it was my grandma and I's ritual to go see the melodrama in town. I remember being a kid gazing up, all starry-eyed, at the stage and wanting to be part of it all. That didn't happen until my sophomore year of high school, when I saw my school's production of The Sound of Music and fell in love with theatre again. The first production I was honored to be part of was the amazing Les Miserables, where I was on the microphones crew, taking off and putting mics on sweaty actors. It sounds awful, but I actually loved it. We got the opportunity to take Les Miserables to Denver to perform at Thescon, in front of 5,000 other theatre lovers. I remember crying as we rolled into Denver, it was my junior year of high school and I had never been in a city that large before. 
It took me a little bit to decide what I liked, but after trying every aspect of theatre, including acting once, I decided that I love sound. Initially, I was admitted to Colorado State University as an International Studies major, but I soon realized that's not what I wanted at all, and quickly switched to a double major in Technical Theatre and Journalism. Despite the workload, these majors have really suited me well, and I've learned so much about a wide variety of topics. 
Recently, I have gotten the opportunity to branch out and go further than I was expecting -- I have gotten the chance to go to London, England this summer to experience theatre in its entirety. On this trip, we will be seeing tons of shows in the West-End, Off-West End, the Fringe/Pub theatre curcuit, and places like Shakespeare’s Birthplace and Warner Bros. Studio. I can't wait to go to another country for the first time and I'm especially excited that it's London. 
However, I could use a bit of help. This trip is very expensive, and I'm a full-time student. I have a steady job, and am working on doing some side-gigs to raise more money, but I would really appreciate even $5 to help this adventure be a bit more affordable for me. Really anything helps, and I cannot thank you enough for contributing to my education.
  • London, United Kingdom