I once had a dream to study abroad...

Sarah Oppermann Start Date: Apr 23, 2018 - End Date: Apr 22, 2019
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My Travel Story

by: Sarah Oppermann Start Date: Apr 23, 2018 - End Date: Apr 22, 2019
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Maybe you know this when…

you are just dissatisfied with your job!

When I was younger, I missed the chance to go away and study abroad. I just did not want to go because of my friends, my boyfriend, my dog…

Now that I am older and independent I really wish to go somewhere but I am stuck in my job.

You might now think: why don't you just quit if you hate it that much?

Actually, I am in high debt. I had a car crash last year which was not my fault, but the other person involved in the accident blamed me for it and reported me to the police.

So I had to pay for a lawyer, I had to pay for the doctors as I was severely injured in the accident.

Additionally, I needed to buy a new car. I work in a construction company, so I need to be mobile to get to our construction sites. So, yes, I got a lot of problems and a little money.

Without that I would quit immediately and travel the world, but because of this mess I am stuck here.

To escape this situation I started studying at a "remote university", that means I am still working full-time and in my free time I study. My subject is "translation of technical issues" and I hope to get a better job once I have done studying.

The university I am studying at is the AKAD University in Stuttgart, Germany. They have a cooperation with the Sacramento State University, California, and I will have the chance to go there to study for three weeks.

"Aware that most of the AKAD students have full-time jobs and won't be able to participate in "classical" exchange programs of three to nine months, we were looking for a way to enable our students to take the chance to study abroad. CSUS already has a long history of short-term study programs that allow participants to learn the same content in an intensive three-weeks course as in a "traditional" semester course." (statement from AKAD University about the California Campus Program)

Finally, a chance to catch up what I missed when I was younger!

The point is that is program is, due to its complexity and compactness, very expensive.

It is 2.500 EUR just for the program. Additionally, I need a bank confirmation which says I need to have at least 3.550 US-D in my bank account.
Moreover, there are the costs for visa and flights.

And this is where you come into the game.

Please help me to go study abroad. Please help me to escape my stupid job. Please help me to catch up my missed chance. Please help me to fulfill my dream.
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