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Tiara Scott Start Date: Sep 23, 2016 - End Date: May 12, 2017
  • Gulfport, MS, United States of America

My Travel Story

by: Tiara Scott Start Date: Sep 23, 2016 - End Date: May 12, 2017
Hi I'm Tiara , I always wished to have enough money to go and see my bf for the first time. I tried getting my families help but they all turned me down that's why I decided to come to fundmytravel. I thought maybe I could raise enough to go on this trip. I'm trying to raise money to go see my boyfriend for the first time. We are in a long distance relationship. My family said it's to expensive and that I need two people to come along with me because I'm only 18. I found two people but now all we need is the money to go on the trip. I've been wanting to see my boyfriend for months now. If any of you are in a long distance relationship you would understand how hard it is going months and months without being able to touch or see your significant other. It will mean alot to me if I can gather the funds to go on this trip. 
The money will be spent on accommodations, gas money, food and the rental car. He lives in Mississippi and I live in Detroit. I'm trying to stay there with him for a week.
I decided to try to raise the money and people can help me by donating what they can. Any amount is appreciated. If I can raise enough money to go on this trip to see my bf I will be forever grateful and I will send out meaningful typed letters to everyone that donates!

Something you all should know about me ;
I've been in depression for years because of how my family treats me. Most specifically my father and uncles. My father isn't even the real definition of a father. He made his mother take care of me. Then it's like he disappeared out of the picture. I'm 18 now and now he's trying to ease his way back into my life. I don't even want him in my life anymore. Now his mother is sick and I've been taking care of her since 2011 and he hasn't even been concerned about me or her. My mother died when I was 5 she died by Pancreas/Stomach Cancer & Lupus. She told my grandmother (on my dad's side to take care of me since then.) I tried to kill myself at the age of 13 because I got sick of living my life I was so sad on how the way things turned out for me. My dad would always talk down on me about how stupid and dumb I am but yet I always tried my best to please everyone. Instead of thinking about death, I cut on my arms and thighs. I've been trying to stop the last time i put a blade to my skin was March 28th, 2016. But whenever my dad or uncle comes around they never bring good energy they bring negative energy and it always gets to me every time. Now I'll inform everyone about my love life. I'm in a long distance relationship with this guy i met. Talking to this guy everyday eased me out my depression day by day and i finally started opening up to people telling them how I am really feeling instead of fooling everyone with a smile. I'm getting help talking to everyone and stuff so my life is okay for now. To everyone that took the time to read that paragraph : THANK YOU SO MUCH. It felt so good to get that out. Now you all know something about me the good and the bad :).
  • Gulfport, MS, United States of America


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