Studying language in Germany!!

Shandrea Hickok Start Date: Dec 18, 2017 - End Date: Apr 17, 2018

My Travel Story

by: Shandrea Hickok Start Date: Dec 18, 2017 - End Date: Apr 17, 2018
Hello and Hallo!

I am a dedicated and ambitious honors student at Utah State University in Northern Utah. I absolutely love traveling and learning about languages, politics, human rights, advocacy, tourism, and environmental health. I would say I’m quite adventurous and enjoy exploring new places on my own.

Next year, I will earn two degrees:
Bachelor's of Arts in Liberals Arts &
Bachelor's of Science in Communications (Journalism, Public Relations emphasis)

With minors in:
Hospitality/Tourism Management
Environmental Studies

To further my education, I will be traveling to Germany this summer to study German at the Goethe Institute for 2 months (Link).

My dream is to travel and enhance communications across the world, especially for non-profit organizations. If you know me personally, you know how much I value wellness and self-development. Did you know that Germany is ranked No. 1 for wellness tourism? I would like to apply this multi-cultural knowledge in the journalism field through public speaking, blogging, and broadcasting. Eventually, I would like to also learn French & Arabic. Learning German will make it easier for me to understand more languages in the future.

Becoming proficient in German will be a strong asset for me when communicating with the public and health or tourism organizations. Since Germans take the most wellness trips, knowing German would help me translate tourism materials and health information to potential travelers. I also really enjoy the culture and music of the country, so learning German will help me connect on a personal level.

I have set my goal at $6,000. Your donation will cover all travel expenses related to the trip. The cost for the Goethe Institute is about $2,960.00 (program fee/tuition). Housing in Germany will be about $1,260. I have factored in about $1,780 for transportation, food, and other expenses for the two months.

I am so ecstatic about traveling to Germany and immersing myself in another culture! Your support would mean the world to me. I would appreciate any donation, big or small. If you cannot donate, sharing my fundraising campaign on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn would still help so much.