SLV Mental Health Placement Bali - Roisin Farmer

Roisin Farmer Start Date: Nov 21, 2017 - End Date: Aug 11, 2018
  • Bali, Indonesia

My Travel Story

by: Roisin Farmer Start Date: Nov 21, 2017 - End Date: Aug 11, 2018
Hi! Thank you so much for visiting my fundraising page! Please see below some details concerning the nature of my placement.

My placement will involve going to Bali for 4 weeks as part of a mental health placement alongside other volunteers. I will be spending my initial week being trained to work with people with special needs, psychiatric facility training, and attending workshops to learn to effectively teach children and adults English. Following this, I will put my training into practice, splitting my time between special needs work, working within the only inpatient psychiatric hospital in Bali, teaching English for development and working with children for their development.

Through this experience I will be one-step closer to my goal of gaining a place on a Clinical Psychology doctorate programme, and therefore one-step closer to (hopefully) being a qualified Clinical Psychologist and making a difference everyday for those who need help. However, not only will these experiences benefit my own understanding and experience of mental health, it will also provide a beneficial environment and experience for those targeted. For example, by teaching children and adults English we will be greatly improving their future career opportunities and giving them an invaluable skill. Additionally, we will be giving patients in the psychiatric facility a number of amazing treatment plans, for example crafts and music making.

As a volunteer, I will act as a positive role model for the diverse groups we will be working with and will specifically act as an Activity Support Worker. Although this may be an emotionally consuming placement, I can only imagine how rewarding the experience will be and I cannot wait to make a difference to those we will be helping.

While I am on placement I will aim to post updates at least twice a week so you can all see exactly where your money is going!

Thank you for supporting me and helping me reach my goal!

Roisin x

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  • Bali, Indonesia