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Karishma Gill Start Date: Nov 12, 2017 - End Date: Mar 11, 2018
  • London, United Kingdom

My Travel Story

by: Karishma Gill Start Date: Nov 12, 2017 - End Date: Mar 11, 2018
Greetings everyone, we are sincerely grateful for you taking your time to read our page!

My name is  Karishma Gill along with my best friend, Arlene Yu are currently looking for funds for our unique fundraising campaign. We are currently 3rd year dental students from International Medical University ,Malaysia. So to help you understand why we are crowdfunding , we decided it would be easier if we just had a conversation with you, our reader!

Why is it a unique fundraiser?

It is unique because whilst hoping to gain funding for our trip we have decided to take the chance to give back to society by donating and dividing  30 %of all proceeds to our colleague Mr .Chester * and to a local community soup kitchen, Street Feeders Kuala Lumpur.

*name is subjected to change to maintain privacy

  • Mr. Chester is currently studying Dentistry with us under the same university. Since the second year of his degree, his family has been battling a financial burden facing countless of challenges in obtaining sufficient funds to allow him to complete his degree. Though he does his best by working and studying but to no avail is he able to fund his education until final year (5th year). Though we know 15% of proceeds may not help pay for his tuition fee nonetheless we can be sure it will help him enough to cover basic necessities such as food and hostel bills. Therefore, reducing his financial stress the best we can.
  • Street feeders is a NGO that we are actively involved that takes soup kitchen to a different approach by providing a platform to those homeless a chance to re-integrate back into society through counselling, potential job opportunities and simply lending a willing ear that listens to them and their stories.  

Tell us a little something about yourselves?

For starters, we’re both 22 year old girls who are inseparable. We are both very different yet similar in many ways. For example, we both enjoy doing selfless extracurricular activities except, Arlene does so under her church and I do so with NGOS. To add we’re both perky with a tinge attitude constantly giggling our way through dental school! But despite it all, we are just two simple hardworking girls next door.

So tell us why should we fund you two?

First off let us explain what the funding will be for ; to keep it simple for our 4th year electives under the Bachelor of Dental Surgery in International Medical University, we are required to complete 4 weeks of an elective placement.

So an elective placement is essentially a chance for us to carry out a clinical attachment OUTSIDE the university within the country OR overseas. In other words, an elective is similar to an internship.

Therefore, we decided what better time to broaden our horizon by wanting to carry out our internship in LONDON! It will actually be the first we’d be traveling together to Europe!

HANG ON! Why on earth LONDON?!

From what we know the United Kingdom is the leading example of most dental healthcare practice. Even our university’s syllabus match every dental university in the UK.  With that being said rotating abroad will allow us to learn considerable amount of information about patient’s experiences under different legal healthcare structures. In addition to that, it could bring us extra advantage to have experiences in an advance form of practical clinical work that are yet to be practiced in Malaysia.

With that being said we shall answer your next question on what we hope to gain from this attachment!

Arlene and I honestly hope that in the given short period of 4 weeks ,we can gain an eye opening experience  that will enhance our knowledge on all the  latest and advanced methods of oral health care practice. Moreover, with Malaysia being a developing nation we believe as students this will be the best time to incorporate all the knowledge gained into our learning to one day be hopefully being the forefront of dentistry within our community.

To add ,we believe that this experience will positively impact our awareness of cultural and socioeconomic factors along with polishing our language skills thus, enhancing our  confidence, maturity, linguistic competency and academic ability

Finally, we would also love to have a glimpse of what the student life is like abroad!


Why are you crowdfunding when you are already in dental school?

Malaysia though magnificent in every way, unfortunately at the moment is having a low currency value. This results in a high exchange rate to even afford something as simple as a meal. Additionally, our cost of education to study dentistry (5 year course) is almost half a million! We do feel like our parents are already doing SO MUCH for us with the education fee along with providing us a more than comfortable life . Hence, we feel like we want to be independent as much as we can with this experience. 


What other efforts are you putting in other than crowdfunding?

We are currently doing our best to fund our trip by working a RM 6.00 per hour waitressing job at a cafe for 10 hours on weekends. Even though exhausting, we are doing our best to juggle between a hectic 9am- 5pm university schedule on weekdays with our weekend job. Despite our effort we are unable to save enough money to sustain our travel other than paying for a flight ticket.




  • London, United Kingdom